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Wood, a champion amongst the most beautiful materials found in riches in nature can offer huge points of view for the human eye. The exchange of its fibers and what's more their shading makes the chess pieces alluring and functional,  which will appeal the players eyes. The distinctions of wood sorts from which the sets are made can similarly add to the goliath appearance of a wooden set. By a wide edge the most awesome wooden chess pieces are those joining the faint look of dull with that splendid yellow boxwood. Other amazing blends consolidate rosewood and boxwood and typical and ebonised boxwood. Splendid rosewood is moreover to an incredible degree used as a piece of making wooden chess pieces.
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14 Inch Solid Shesham Wood Folding Chess Set

16 Inch Ebonised Classic Chess Pieces with Mahogany Chess Board & Birch wood Box

British Staunton Shesham Chessmen & Mahogany Chessboard

16 Inch Shesham Classic Mahogany Chess Board & Box

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