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The delightful sport of chess offers numerous advantages to youngsters as they develop, including building up their memory, figuring out how to play together and the capacity to create techniques and forward arranging. Chess sets for schools have been outlined in view of this and are an awesome path for kids to keep themselves involved amid leisure time from lessons furthermore offer a pastime to play amid social time. These alternatives for chess preparing will help to improve the kids' capacity in the amusement and they will develop in quality as they proceed through the lessons.  As a component of the gathering of chess sets for schools, you will locate a wide assortment of distinctive styles and plans, offering a scope of capacities relying upon your needs.
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School Chess Combination x 30

School Chess Combination x 40

No batteries - works on a wind-up mechanism.

Attractive design - measures 15cm x 8cm x 4.5cm.

40 X Roll up pvc chess boards with 46 mm square size.

80 X Roll up pvc chess boards with 46 mm square size.

120 X Roll up pvc chess boards with 46 mm square size.


Staunton Design Plastic Chess Pieces with a Felt-Covered  Bottom


CHESS PAIRING BOARD  Allows for up to 32 players to be paired against each other each week 


Quality Vinyl roll up Chessboard (Green/white -47mm squares)

Quality Vinyl roll up Chessboard (Dark Brown/white -46 mm squares)


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