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Wholesale Chess are dedicated to quality products and superior customer service. We offer huge discounts to schools and clubs and we are passionate about getting people involved in chess. 
Wherever possible we support various chess events, especially junior and new ones, both financially and with time and effort, be it setting up, providing the equipment free of charge or in any other way that they need. We know that without putting something back into chess we wouldn't have the increasing customer base that we do have. 
How many other chess businesses have this approach?
UK Challenge, EPSCA, North Wales Junior Association, Colwyn Bay congress, Wirral junior chess, Cheshire & North Wales junior chess, Lancashire junior chess, Welsh junior squad are a few amongst the many places that we help or have helped over the years.

We offer many years experience in chess products and we are devoted to providing the customer with a satisfied online shopping experience. Our site features everything from chess sets and boards as well as high class hand carved wooden chess sets to tournament equipment including chess clocks and chess awards.

We do our best to provide details of all the products we stock via the website however if there is something you require which is not featured on our web page please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team and we will do our best to source it for you.

There is no doubt you will have an exact preference as you browse our choice of quality plastic chess sets  and or wooden sets for you to make a decision, as you go straight to your choice by clicking the drop down menu. Nearly all of our chess sets are founded on Staunton chess sets designs as can be seen in our site.

Therefore, we are sure you are going to find a set to cherish and in fact, pass down as the heirloom via generations. We have chess sets, which are hand carved, and polished to the greatest standards and lasting for many generations is an usual thing. You just need to purchase with confidence, as we are an endorsed distributor of the fabulous range of extraordinary chess sets only from English Chess Company

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Having been a player, club organiser,equipment supplier and retailer, Gareth Ellis is now using his over 25 years of experience within chess to change chess retailing in the UK.

Wholesale Chess instead of offering the full range of sets, clocks etc. which can be overwhelming especially for newcomers to chess, has hand picked what is in his opinion the best suited for schools, clubs, social and tournament players.

Using extensive purchasing power to secure the best possible prices and passing this on to our customers, we aim to increase the number of participants within the UK and improve the quality of equipment in use.

Gareths bookstall at the Blackpool Chess Congress



School kids in Armenia have more to battle with than simply the three Rs. From the age of six, they all study chess as a different subject for two hours a week. Chess is imperative to the very personality of this landlocked little nation. Armenia endured slaughters and restraint in the 20th century and has as of late encountered a monetary breakdown. Yet in the 1960s, it gave the Soviet Union one of its progression of title holders fit as a fiddle of Tigran Petrosian. An expert of safeguard, his persevering pounding down of adversaries made him the Geoffrey Boycott of the chessboard. Furthermore, today, Armenia – with a populace of only 3 million – holds the men's reality group title. 

So it was nothing unexpected when an authority of the Armenian instruction service told the Associated Foreign Press that showing chess in schools would "make a strong premise for the nation to turn into a chess superpower". Be that as it may, there is a whole other world to it than that: Armenia is one of a developing number of countries wanting to see more extensive instructive advantages from empowering chess in schools. India, Turkey and Norway have all made comparative moves as of late, and an outline of exploration delivered by the Quad Cities Chess Club in America talks of improved mental capacities and a change in ordinary schoolwork. 



Chess clubs can be exceptionally compensating for coordinators and members in the event that they are done well. Chess clubs require the accompanying 6 things: 


Without great coordinators, mentors, folks, or volunteers, chess clubs would not succeed. They need devoted and patient pioneers who give structure and inspiration. In the event that you are a coordinator, don't over-submit. Do what you can, and do what you guarantee. Verify you are continually having some good times! 


Practically anybody can learn chess! Indeed, even 2 year-olds can figure out how to setup the board and move pieces around. Attempt and welcome however many qualified members as could be allowed. Verify you publicize your club decently well. Obviously diagram the reasons of the club and the majority of the data. Try not to be reluctant to request a few gifts of time and hardware from members and their guardians (if pertinent). Additionally verify that you obviously layout the numerous scholarly and social advantages of taking part in chess club. 


Verify that you have legitimate offices for chess club. You may have an incredible school, nearby group focus, college, or even home or business willing to give some space to you. You will require a very much lit range with enough tables and seats for all members. Attempt and get long excursion sort tables - not round tables! Additionally attempt and timetable all club days and exercises right now propel presently. 


One of the most exceedingly bad things that can happen at chess club is to have individuals remaining around sitting tight for a chess set. Verify you get enough chess gear for all members. You needn't bother with the fanciest sets for everybody. You don't even need chess timekeepers! Snap here for some of Wholesale Chess' proposals for quality moderate chess gear for schools and clubs! 


Chess club ought to be fun and instructive. Clubs that are not adjusted are not pleasant. A lot of play without advancement can wear meager. What's more, an excessive amount of direction without play can be dull. Attempt one lesson a day (inside of your members' consideration compass!) and afterward some play. You may likewise need to blend in a few exercises like little competitions, chess small amusements (like attempting to put 8 rulers on a board with no of them assaulting one another!). Snap here for a few books that Wholesale Chess prescribes for chess mentors and educators! 


Set objectives for yourself right now/coordinator and for your understudies. Perhaps your objective may be to go to a neighborhood competition a couple of months away. Then again set your own competition day or chess party day. That way everyone is anticipating something and dealing with their chess on purpose


Chess is such a brilliant and entertaining game to learn... what's more, educate! Whilst you utilize care, tolerance and patience while educating. 

Furthermore, attempt to be fascinating! Utilization cleverness, amusing voices, cartwheels :) - whatever it takes to make your understudies focus and have a decent time.

The following is an exceptionally fundamental chess educational program suggested by Wholesale Chess UK  that you can use to work with novices. You can discover a plethora of information for your lessons in the chess books found in our book shop! ( coming soon- see Gareth Ellis) What's more, obviously, make certain to look at our website page here at Wholesale Chess UK , which has a considerable measure of data on pieces, moves, procedures, chess clubs etc. Our site will be constantly updated with a wealth of information for chess clubs and schools.  

1. How the pieces move and how to setup the chess board 

2. Step by step instructions to catch chess pieces (its alright to catch the King before you learn checkmate!) 

3. Check and checkmate 

4. More propelled guidelines of castling, en passant, and pawn advancement 

5. The estimations of the pieces and making great catches and exchanges 

6. Adding to your pieces and controlling the inside 

7. Utilizing numerous pieces to assault and shield 

8. Fundamental strategies - forks and pins 

9. Fundamental techniques - controlling squares, diagonals, and documents 

10. Fundamental opening standards - control key squares, enact your pieces, get your sovereign to his fort.

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